We start everything we do with an evidence-based discernment process. That is just an overly fancy way of saying we use benchmarked data through our assessments to first determine the internal health of your organization. We can’t answer your organization’s questions about where you need to put energy for your future, who your next good leader fit is, or what is possible without first knowing how healthy the organization is.

An organization is not unlike your body. Your doctor can’t answer the question “can I run a marathon” without first determining the state your body is currently in. The same is true for your congregation, school or regional association. Before we can ask the who, the what or the when we have to know the where. Where is your congregation currently in terms of health.

Why do we do this way? Because it works. There is a very common phrase in the business world “what gets measured, gets done.” Those measures have to be objective, consistent, and clear. We do not just give you insight into a better way to be, we give you a clear way to measure your progress.

We don’t like to brag so we let our clients, in their own words, do the bragging for us -and we are blushing.