summer-camp-acd781bcdd004b829adc9e6570b648a1-2Bearings for Camp Ministries

A benchmarked, reliable instrument designed especially for strategic planning, financial campaigns, and leadership transitions in Faith-based camps.

The research regarding the impact of camp is clear, camp experiences can help children build empathy, reduce anxiety and feel a part of a community. At Holy Cow! we believe camps are critical for our youth and their families.

Bearings is a professionally developed, customizable assessment instrument that can help you as a leader:

  • Measure the level of satisfaction of those who participate in your camping ministry or use your facilities.
  • Identify the critical success factors for improving satisfaction and utilization levels.
  • Discover where stakeholders would like the camp to go in the future.
  • Determine which factors are having the greatest impact on individual and corporate donors.
  • Identify critical abilities and qualities needed in your senior leadership.
  • Build understanding for strategic planning or prepare to engage in a search for your next director. 

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The Bearings assessment tool has a flat fee of $1,000 and is $400 for a virtual interpretation of the data.