Strong boards lead strong organizations.


At Holy Cow! Consulting, we can help shore up growth opportunities and build understanding of your strengths with Focal Points.

Focal Points is a confidential, 49-question, online assessment that strategically evaluates the leadership team’s core functions, satisfaction, energy, effectiveness, strengths, and areas for further development.  This mutual review process allows leaders to reflect on their perspectives and experiences in their roles.

Participants typically include members with overall governance responsibilities including the board, executive committee, or clergy staff members.

The Focal Points reporting provides information on the following:

  • the leadership team’s energy and satisfaction
  • critical success factors for improving satisfaction
  • indices on meeting management
  • teaming and overall effectiveness
  • conflict management
  • general management
  • environment and material support
  • board development
  • performance of Executive leader

Additionally, the Focal Points report provides a ranked list of recommended actions that will improve the effectiveness of the leadership team. The confidential Executive Leader report addresses leadership tasks including communication, identifying and mobilizing resources, framing and articulating a vision, and offering fresh ideas.

The cost of Focal Points is $390 for the assessment and $375 for an online interpretation.

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