We admit our name “Holy Cow! Consulting” is a bit different.  People ask us all the time “seriously? that is the company name?”  Yep, it really is!

Originally coined by  baseball players in the early 1900s, it gained greater notoriety when Harry Caray used it in his years as a baseball announcer. It quickly became a favorite in the Midwest.  The phrase means “wow!” implying that there has just been an amazing event or that “eureka” moment.  We hope that is the experience our clients have when they work with our tools or our staff. 

That said, we know our name deserves as many cow jokes as our clients can send us.  Over the years, we have had such a fun time with clients who get creative with our name.  Even if you find it a bit odd, you have to admit that you don’t forget it. 

And with every interaction we hope we leave you saying “Holy Cow! That was great!”