To make the CAT (Congregation Assessment Tool) accessible we offer training for individuals interested in learning how to interpret the CAT results.

It is generally best for a regional association to have a small cadre of folks who specialize in the function of interpretive consultants.  By providing that service for different churches several times a year, they have ample opportunity to develop and maintain their skills. This allows application consultants to focus on what they do best using the input provided from the Vital Signs© and presented through the interpretation consultants.

The Vital Signs© is similar to a medical CAT scan which requires a skilled interpretation for the person to benefit from the results.  Failure to provide a meaningful interpretation will compromise the value of the process for church leaders and potentially do more harm than good.  For that reason, interpretive consultants are critical to the utility of the Vital Signs report.  We call this training CATWALK©.

For more on this training opportunity please contact us here or  call us at (888) 546-4132.