The Pulse is an anonymous, customizable, online assessment the provides clear, reliable information on the health and trajectory of a staff that can be useful in team building, staff development, conflict management, strategic planning, and succession planning.

Participants of this survey include all paid staff members, part time, full time, and in some cases, volunteer staff clearly functioning as members of the staff team.

Participants are asked to reflect on their perspectives, experiences, and aspirations as servants and leaders. 

The Pulse report compiles the following staff-related data:

  • Energy
  • Satisfaction
  • critical success factors
  • indices on facilities and equipment
  • teaming
  • conflict management
  • general management
  • personal and professional growth
  • a ranked list of actions that could improve staff effectiveness or work experience

The cost of the Pulse is $375 for the assessment and $350 for an online or $1000 for an onsite interpretation.

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