Organizational Intelligence

Leaders have an opportunity today that has not existed before in the history of organizations:  to listen to those they lead and serve.    In accordance with being  “quick to listen, slow to speak”, leaders can now listen to an entire group rather than those who are simply the most vocal or strident.  We call this information organizational intelligence (OI).  OI offers leaders a comprehensive, three dimensional view rather than a patchwork of opinions and guesses.  Whether developing a vision for nonprofits, libraries, schools, churches, managing a leadership change, conducting a financial campaign, or developing a governance or staff team, leaders consistently find their work more effective and more rewarding when it includes OI.


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For Congregations

We have been using OI to help congregation leaders make critical decisions for nearly 35 years.  We have the experience of working with over 2,000 congregations across the U.S.-congregations of nearly every size, and setting, both denominational and non-denominational.  We take pride in our ability to guide clients through an assessment process that is clear and effective using instruments developed especially congregations, governance teams, and church staffs.

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regional association

For Regional Associations

We have assessment tools designed especially with regional associations in mind that can help leaders listen to parish leaders, regional association staff members, and governance teams.  With all the resource challenges facing regional associations, OI offers regional association leaders an opportunity for transforming their interactions and interventions with the congregations they lead and serve.  By using OI to expand their information beyond the traditional “count data” of membership and finances, regional association leaders and their staffs can help churches avoid strategic dead ends, discover sources of best practices and fruitfulness, make calls to pastors that are a better fit to the congregations that call them, and detect and deal with problems before they reach the crisis level.

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