Living Word Lutheran Church, Graham, WA

The CAT helped in finding out our strengths and concerns when choosing a new pastor. Our consultant was fantastic! A wealth of information and knowledge. Understanding and caring personality!

Do not try to use people within your congregation to try to develop questions and interpret results. Professionals are necessary! (April 2022)

St Luke’s Episcopal Church, Park City, UT

The Congregation Assessment Tool gave amazing insight to our members that will help us move forward. Susan was amazing. Her knowledge and interpretation was easy to comprehend. She was sensitive to our participants, and kept us on track.

Holy Cow! Consulting is a very comprehensive, organized group! (February 2022)

St. Andrews-Covenant Presbyterian Church Wilmington, NC

Emily Swanson did our Zoom sessions. She was thoroughly informative; but more importantly loving and grace-filled. She saw our struggles without knowing what they are – proof that data is so important.

I would highly recommend this experience for any church going through transition time. (February 2022)

First Presbyterian of Mt. Gilead, Ohio

Excellent ability to explain the CAT results in a way we could all understand. Very positive and helpful even when presenting the church’s challenges. Great guidance moving forward with pastor search. The presentation served this leadership team well. I would hope that more churches take advantage of the gift of Holy Cow. (November 2021)

Christ Episcopal Church Smithfield, Virginia

Susan Czolgosz’s interpretation of our Vital Signs report was extremely insightful and gracefully presented. The information will certainly prove critical as we formulate our Parish Profile and move forward as a congregation to call a new rector and set priorities. She is the consummate professional who held our undivided attention throughout. Well done! (January 2022)

St John Evangelical Lutheran Church, Darien, Illinois

Emily was fantastic, patient, empathetic, and encouraging as she explained the results. She made it so that we could understand both the big picture and the nuances of the answers in evaluating where we were as a congregation at this moment in time. She also helped point us to what we needed to work on, letting us know that this survey did not limit nor define what we could become. In spite of being somewhat overwhelmed, we had a new direction to chart. With the tools and information she gave us, we had hope for the future. (January 2022)

First Presbyterian Church, Maysville, KY

Holy Cow Consulting! came highly recommended by Rev. Philip Lotspeich, General Presbyter of Transylvania Presbytery. Emily worked well with our strategic planning team. Strategic planning is hard work. Emily helped make it easier. We are quite pleased with the completed strategic plan. It will help us increase the level of energy in the church. (December 2021)

Trinity Lutheran Church, Hermiston, OR

Holy Cow was very helpful in the CAT. We could call them with questions that were answered. The website was immensely helpful and if we couldn’t find the answer to questions on the website, a phone call would get them answered. With the person who walked us through our Zoom call for the final explanation of the results of the CAT, it was explained very well and all questions were answered. (December 2021)

First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham

The results provided more information and more insight into our congregation than I thought possible. Robyn Strain did an excellent job guiding our Session review of the survey results. (November 2021)