First Presbyterian Church of Birmingham

The results provided more information and more insight into our congregation than I thought possible. Robyn Strain did an excellent job guiding our Session review of the survey results. (November 2021)

St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church Darien, Illinois

We appreciated sending us the president of the company to gently break the “news” to us and her experience and expertise in handling our questions and concerns during the evaluation presentation.

I wish we would have utilized their expertise much earlier. [Holy Cow! Consulting] provided us with accurate data and information with which to make Ministry decisions. Prior to receiving our report we were basing decisions on our perceptions. We now have a clearer picture on what we need to do to move forward. We are already starting to feel and see positive changes! (November, 2021)

All Souls Cathedral, Asheville, NC

Leadership Transition Plan Consulting –

Emily Swanson is simply masterful at what she does. She roots her work in both data and scripture. She has a deep love for God and God’s people the Church. She has a way of naming truths and insisting folks address them, yet she does this with patience and a loving, non-judgmental approach. She’s a true pro.

The greatest benefit to our church has been a “both/and” approach to addressing the hopes and fears of the future: insisting on taking a good hard look at one’s challenges, yet at the same time accentuating and building on one’s strengths. (November 2021)

First Presbyterian Church Mineral Ridge, Ohio

It will help our Pastor Nominating Committee as they seek a new pastor. We also will be using the information as we view our vision and goals for 2022. The work with the consultant was a good experience as she was on site to explain the data. (October 2021)

Ascension Lutheran, Cheyenne, Wyoming

The CAT offers objective information on what the underling issues are in the life of the congregation. It was a good and helpful experience for the congregation both in 2015 and 2021. (July 2021)

St Paul Lutheran Church, Warren, OH

The CAT gave us insights as to how important it is for us to address the concerns within our congregation regardless of the new pastor we will hire. Our interpretation with the data was great, very insightful. Worth the money and time. (July 2021)