New Covenant Community Church

We used Holy Cow! Consulting for leadership transition planning and consulting. Our experience was absolutely extraordinary. Emily was so incredibly helpful to our church as we look toward a pastoral transition in the near future. With Emily’s guidance we were able to discern some tangible and meaningful steps to take as we venture into the future. (November 2022)

Trinity Presbyterian Church, San Carlos CA

The assessment of our congregation’s climate (energy-satisfaction and theology-flexibility graphs) were very helpful. That info would not have been possible to derive (in an objective manner) through just discussions with people (subjective).

The CAT provided valuable insights for us, and Holy Cow was very organized and supportive in the administration and summarizing of the survey. (November 2022)

Grace in the Desert, Las Vegas, Nevada

Holy Cow! Consulting is worth the effort and investment. The greatest benefit is the validation and awareness. We now know where to focus to improve our church and ensure the happiness of our congregation. (October 2022)

Kinsman Presbyterian Church, Kinsman Ohio

The most helpful information so far from the CAT and our interpretation is to stop focusing on the youth and channel our own energy into what we can do for community. Emily was very insightful and engaging. The work with Holy Cow! Consulting was seamless. (August 2022)

St. Bart’s Episcopal Church, Poway, CA

A true, unbiased snapshot in time of our congregation’s status. The quantitative and confidential nature of the survey lead to some excellent insights. Our consultant was very positive, excellent insight, open to discussion and questions. (August 2022)

Diamond Lake Lutheran, Minneapolis, MN

This is the fourth or fifth time I have used the CAT with a congregation. I believe it is one of the best tools out there to gain valuable information and needed information for a congregation during a transition time or in planning for the future. (June 2022)

Christ Episcopal Church Valdosta, Georgia

I would highly recommend Holy Cow.

The charts were extremely helpful demonstrating our current position and where we actually need to be. I liked the comparisons to other churches to be understand our rankings. Our interpreter was excellent and did a fantastic job of helping us understand the data. (June 2022)

Presbytery of Mackinac

It was an excellent experience, utilized a large number of the presbytery in the information gathering portion and helped our presbytery get to a new place of movement.

Our work enabled hope which had been lacking, as well as next steps to accomplish a plan. Another benefit was that the whole presbytery was part of the formation. (May, 2022)