Grace Episcopal Church, Georgetown, TX

Our Holy Cow! experience was truly interesting and beneficial. It has given us ideas for a way forward in our rector search and continued growth in our church. We now have an outline of our strengths and weaknesses therefore giving us information to move forward in a meaningful and productive way. (August 2023)

Emmanuel Episcopal Church at Brook Hill

The greatest benefits so far have been identifying our strengths and opportunities for attention. We would encourage others to use Holy Cow! Consulting for your parish mutual ministry review. (July 2023)

Woodstown Presbyterian Church, Woodstown, NJ

In all my years in the church (46 as a pastor), Holy Cow provided the clearest and most insightful assessment. The process confirmed what the church’s leadership was sensing about the congregation’s needs. (July 2023)

St John’s Episcopal Church, Brooksville, Fl

The team at Holy Cow! Consulting is very responsive, easy to communicate with and very helpful with what to do next and how to use all this data. The process was extremely helpful with learning that we are a Clergy Focused Congregation and finding out about all our strengths and how they relate to our goals and concerns. (June 2023)

Johns Creek Presbyterian Church, Johns Creek, GA

The greatest benefit of this work is the awareness of our reality; a better sense of where time and energy should be devoted. Our work with Holy Cow! Consulting was very insightful and very appropriate for a range of church circumstances. Great value for the investment of time and money. (May 2023)

Harlingen Church Belle Mead, NJ

Use the Congregation Assessment Tool and use it regularly. Once gives a great snapshot. Subsequent snapshots show improvement where it might not be visible, highlights deficiencies, and allows your leadership to faithfully observe how God is asking you to minister to your people and to your community. ( May 2023)

First Presbyterian Church of Deerfield, Deerfield, IL

For our strategic planning, Emily took the time to really dive into our church dynamics and offered services that we needed. She recognized that work needed to be done before we could begin a strategic plan. Emily was a joy to work with, easy to collaborate with and really listened to the needs of our church community and leadership. (April 2023)

Christ Church, Plymouth, MA

Very thorough, interesting questions, covering many points of view. Offers good insight with graphs and explanations with an interpretation by a consultant so we can understand and assimilate all the information. The greatest benefit of the CAT is that people are talking, and thinking. Who we really are as a whole congregation with three different weekly worship services. (March 2023)

Oakmont Presbyterian Church, Oakmont PA

The CAT was very informative and helpful and Holy Cow was great to work with. The greatest benefit of this work with Holy Cow! Consulting was helping us find an interim pastor and showing us where we can improve our outreach. (April 2023)