Libraries fulfill a critical role in today’s communities. This means that now, more than ever, data driven assessments are vital in best meeting the needs of those we serve.

The Community Assessment Tool (CoAT) is the first tool of its kind developed specifically for libraries. As a result, we have longitudinal data to help bridge the gap between knowing and understanding. The CoAT will help you achieve better insight on the needs of the individuals in your community.

Why do you need it? 80%-95% of community members are clearly satisfied with the services provided by their local library.

Our research suggests that libraries live or die on that 15% difference which impacts their ability to get a levy passed, reach non-users, and have positive “community chatter” about the library.

Overall satisfaction is just one piece of information you’ll find in the Community Assessment.

The CoAT is a professionally designed survey with a 30% return rate that can help you…

  •  Reach new markets in your community
  •  Discover what will bring more people to your library
  •  Evaluate your customer service
  •  Discover what is driving customer satisfaction and usage
  •  Assess community openness to generating additional revenues for your library.

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Here is a sample of our work and ways we can help:

Sample Community Assessment Tool

Community Assessment Tool from Holy Cow! Consulting

Six Reasons to Run a CoAT

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