The Community Assessment Tool (CoAT) is the first tool of its kind developed specifically for libraries. It will help you achieve a better understanding of the people you are trying to serve in your community.

Why do you need it? 80%-95% of community members are clearly satisfied with the services provided by their local library. But our research suggests that libraries live or die on that 15% difference which impacts their ability to get a levy passed, reach non-users, and have positive “community chatter” about the library.

Overall satisfaction is just one piece of information you’ll find in the Community Assessment.

The CoAt is  professionally designed survey with a 30% return rate that can help you…

  •  Reach new markets in your community
  •  Discover what will bring more people to your library
  •  Evaluate your customer service
  •  Discover what is driving customer satisfaction and usage
  •  Assess community openness to generating additional revenues for your library.

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Sample Community Assessment Tool

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