During COVID-19, as always, our commitment is to the integrity of your data. Our team will be scheduling any onsite consulting or interpretation work after August 1, 2020.  This date may change based on the recommendation of health experts.  We are also adding four questions to each CAT specific to COVID-19 to determine how it is affecting your congregations.  The questions can be viewed here: 

The CAT is a customizable assessment instrument that can help you as a leader

  • Measure the level of satisfaction and energy in the congregation you lead.
  • Identify the critical success factors for improving organizational climate.
  • Pinpoint the strengths of your congregation’s culture.
  • Discover where members would like to go in the future.
  • Gauge readiness for change.
  • Uncover potential resources you may be missing.
  • Prepare for a search for your next pastor or priest.

The CAT is a customizable instrument.  To the standardized benchmarked assessment, you can

  • add up to two supplemental modules of your choosing (see CAT supplemental modules below)
  • add up to five additional questions specific to your church

In addition, we will modify the language of the assessment to reflect the title of your senior ordained leader.  For example, “our pastor/rector,” “our interim pastor/rector,” “our former pastor/rector,” etc.   We suggest using “interim pastor/rector” for interims who have been in the congregation for over 6 months and “former pastor/rector” for those pastors or rectors that have been gone for less than 4-6 months.

Sample of Vital Signs Report from Congregation Assessment Tool

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