Fruitful Congregations, LLC. with Maple Valley Church, Washington

I always tell people that the CAT is the best survey they can use. Other surveys will give them useful input, but none are sophisticated in the math of probability, none give correllations, and most load their reports with boilerplate stuff they send everyone. Easy to administer, most reliable results, best data and reflections. Amazingly, the best church survey is also the least expensive. Susan’s interpretation of the CAT to session and PNC was remarkable in its depth, ease of access to them, putting their results in the context of the rest of the church in this time. A+ (March 2023)

St Cuthbert Episcopal Church, Houston, TX

The results helped us define our goals and what to work on now. Trust the process….when you receive the interpretation, it is very clear and beneficial. (February 2023)

First Presbyterian Church of Kearney, NE

If you want to know what’s actually happening in your community of faith, this tool (CAT) will start you on a journey of discovery. Holy Cow is more than a research firm, they have been our partners on the journey and we’re grateful for their ministry among us. (February 2023)

St. Christopher’s Episcopal Church, Gladwyne, PA

Emily Swanson was an excellent consultant. She was able to take our data and explain so much of our life as a church. From there, we worked with her as a consultant to help build our long-term plan. Each session was informative and helped us listen to the Holy Spirit. Also, she was able to help us see our growing edges without us losing hope. She is excellent in this ministry. We would have been stuck without the guidance we received. (January 2023)

Wasatch Presbyterian Church, Salt Lake City, UT

Our consultant, Elizabeth, did an amazing job, combining knowledge, experience, and passion to help us see the strengths and shadow sides of our congregation. She is excellent! Elizabeth is helping us formulate our focus group questions, as well as offering to help with any follow up questions. Again, she’s great! (December 2022)

Sunset Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas

Holy Cow Consulting did an outstanding job of providing all the resources we needed to help evaluate our church. This was our first time using Holy Cow Consulting which means we had a lot of questions. They didn’t mind the questions and provided us the tools and needed resources to get a clear picture of where our church is at this time. They also gave us very useful suggestions to improve the overall health our church. Would highly recommend them for your consulting needs. (December 2022)

Westminster Presbyterian Church, Munster, IN

About the CAT: DO IT! You’ll get an in-depth look at your church and really learn what’s important for your church! This experience gave us the confidence that we are a strong congregation and should attract a quality candidate for a new pastor. (December 2022)

New Covenant Community Church

We used Holy Cow! Consulting for leadership transition planning and consulting. Our experience was absolutely extraordinary. Emily was so incredibly helpful to our church as we look toward a pastoral transition in the near future. With Emily’s guidance we were able to discern some tangible and meaningful steps to take as we venture into the future. (November 2022)

Trinity Presbyterian Church, San Carlos CA

The assessment of our congregation’s climate (energy-satisfaction and theology-flexibility graphs) were very helpful. That info would not have been possible to derive (in an objective manner) through just discussions with people (subjective).

The CAT provided valuable insights for us, and Holy Cow was very organized and supportive in the administration and summarizing of the survey. (November 2022)