Ascension Lutheran, Cheyenne, Wyoming

The CAT offers objective information on what the underling issues are in the life of the congregation. It was a good and helpful experience for the congregation both in 2015 and 2021. (July 2021)

St Paul Lutheran Church, Warren, OH

The CAT gave us insights as to how important it is for us to address the concerns within our congregation regardless of the new pastor we will hire. Our interpretation with the data was great, very insightful. Worth the money and time. (July 2021)

Faith Presbyterian Church, La Vista, Nebraska

I will enthusiastically endorse the Holy Cow Church Assessment.

We cannot deny that we have to change. The 78% satisfaction rate with how we have responded to COVID was a very helpful thing for us to hear. (May 2021)

Cathedral of All Souls, Asheville, NC

These comments are representative of what the Discernment Committee has been hearing: I was amazed at Holy Cow’s technical acumen and their ability to pull out trends and patterns – as well as the huge number of congregations they have served! I was so very impressed with Emily Swanson! Her explanations were clear and made sense, she seems so friendly and caring and so very knowledgeable.

We APPRECIATE your process, your professionalism, and your passion for what you do! (May 2021)

Clairmont Presbyterian Church Decatur, GA

The information (from the Congregation Assessment Tool and Interpretation) has given our leadership information to drive the change needed. The tool gave voice to the members in anonymous way. It is a catalyst for our future. (May 2021)

The Church of the Covenant, Washington, PA

We looked at several survey tools. While we’d had prior experience with Holy Cow! Consulting, we still found your survey to be the most thorough and flexible. Moreover, you are established and have an excellent track record and reputation.

The most helpful part of the report was [t]he Transition Module gave us some ideas for actions the church can take on during the time we search for a new pastor. Also some ideas of the kind of pastor we should consider considering the results of the survey. (April 2021)

The Episcopal Diocese of Atlanta

As Diocesan leaders, we have lots of tools, trainings, and programs to help congregations become more vital and effective, but without the clarity of the CAT, it’s hard to know which tools will be most useful for any given parish.  Essentially, it was like throwing all the tools at congregations and hoping something would stick, a one-size-fits-all approach.  The CAT has been a miracle in our work, enabling us to effectively work with each church in its uniqueness, choosing the tools that would be most effective for that individual congregation.  It’s transformed how we approach congregational vitality in our Diocese, and it has transformed many churches in our Diocese as well, helping them to be more healthy. (April2021)

Sally Ulrey
Missioner for Congregational Vitality

The Episcopal Diocese of Utah

[Working with data from the Landscape] The biggest benefits have been: seeing attitudes and preferences in our judicatory across roles and time. We’re very satisfied with this experience, and it should be extremely helpful for us going forward.

Working with our consultant has been great. She’s very insightful, has responded quickly to every question, and in her presentation she found ways to contradict some of our assumptions in a very nice way. (March 2021)

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Arvada, CO

The CAT is helping us to see ourselves more clearly as we have listened systematically to our congregation.  It seems very valuable and has opened our eyes to realities we couldn’t articulate. (March 2021)