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For Strategic Planning, Succession Planning or Pastoral Search, Financial Campaigns, and getting a read on the Overall Health and Vitality of your congregation.


The cost of this instrument is based on your average worship attendance.
  • $415 plus the cost of interpretation (35-149 persons)
  • $515 plus the cost of interpretation (150-499 persons)
  • $620 plus the cost of interpretation (500-749 persons)
  • $750 plus the cost of interpretation (750-999 persons)
  • $1000 plus the cost of interpretation (1000+ persons)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  The CAT requires an interpretation by a trained facilitator.  This could be a consultant with whom you are working, someone in your regional association that has been trained, or a consultant from Holy Cow! Consulting.  We, at Holy Cow! Consulting, offer interpretations in two ways: $300.00 for an online interpretation OR $1000.00, plus the cost of travel expenses, for an onsite interpretation. 

The Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT) is the only reliable benchmarked instrument designed to provide an in-depth look at the experiences, perceptions and aspirations of a church's congregation.  It is an essential step for any church in leadership transition or undertaking strategic planning.

The CAT is a customizable assessment instrument that can help you as a leader

  • Measure the level of satisfaction and energy in the congregation you lead.
  • Identify the critical success factors for improving organizational climate.
  • Pinpoint the strengths of your congregation's culture.
  • Discover where members would like to go in the future.
  • Gauge readiness for change.
  • Uncover potential resources you may be missing.
  • Prepare for a search for your next pastor or priest.
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The CAT is a customizable instrument.  To the standardized benchmarked assessment, you can

  • add up to two supplemental modules of your choosing (see CAT supplemental modules below)
  • add up to five additional questions specific to your church

In addition, we will modify the language of the assessment to reflect the title of your senior ordained leader.  For example, "our pastor/rector," "our interim pastor/rector," "our former pastor/rector," etc.  If you are a church in pastoral transition, whether working with an interim pastor or not, please read more here on what clergy language works best for your congregation.

If you are a congregation in pastoral transition you may also want to look at our Transition and Vital Leader Profile which can be ordered with the CAT.

CAT Supplemental Modules



I have found the CAT to be a transformational instrument in working with congregations. I have been doing deployment work for over ten years. The CAT is the best assessment tool I've seen.
The Rev. Canon William M. Johnston, Diocesan Deployment Officer, Diocese of Fond du Lac

This is an instrument that lets the whole community speak and provides an external vehicle to structure the conversation so that a more accurate story can be told.
Rebecca McClain, Former Director for the National Episcopal Church Deployment Office

The CAT is the best tool I know of to assess the congregation's strengths, passions, gifts, needs, and challenges.  I would not recommend that a congregation undertake any large new initiative without doing a CAT first.
Vera White, New Church Development, Pittsburgh Presbytery

The data from the survey has been most helpful and continues to be used by the church.  The process has been of particular help to me as I have examined my leadership role and style.  I believe that every congregation and minister could benefit through such a survey
The Rev. C. William Schiphorst, Pastor, Hurstbourne Christian Church

This planning process was judged by our committee to be the best of several proposed tools for study.  It was well received by the congregation because of ease in answering the questions and the guaranteed anonymity.  The graphic comparison of our church with others was most revealing.
The Rev. David C. Ross, Pastor, Highland United Methodist Church

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