It is important to prepare your congregation to take the CAT.  To this end, you will want to announce your leadership’s decision to administer the CAT to the congregation and when it will be available.

Research shows that folks are more likely to comply with a request if they understand WHY they are being asked to do so.  To this end, we strongly recommend that you introduce the CAT by sending an initial letter by snail mail to everyone on your Assessment Roll.  The letter should reach each person by name, whether living in the same household or not.  If your church regularly communicates with your congregation via email, this will work well, too.  Please make sure that your non-computer users get a snail-mail letter.

The introduction should:

  • Tell them that they have been selected to participate in the assessment
  • Explain the specific purpose(s) of the assessment
  • Emphasize the importance of their individual participation
  • Detail the process of delivery (that an email link or web-page access will be provided and the availability of paper surveys).

Sample Preparation Letter

This letter should be sent approximately 1 week prior to launching the survey.

AT THE SAME TIME, start verbally publicizing the upcoming assessment in worship, committee meetings, education classes, choir rehearsal, church bulletins, and any other time and place you can think of.  These announcements should include the same information as above.

Preparation Bulletin Article

CAT presentation for congregations

We have partnered with Heather Clark Design for congregations who are looking for help advertising the CAT.  The staff at Heather Clark design can help with flyers, power-points, and web banners for your website.  For more on how Heather Clark Design can help please click here.