Launching your CAT is easy, and it is exciting to finally get it “out there.”

Email Launch:

You will receive a unique web link that has been created using a service called Survey Monkey. When you click on this link, it takes you directly to your assessment.  This link can be copied from your account and pasted directly into your email notification, or, if you have created a page on your website, it can be pasted directly into the webpage.

On the day you have designated to start, send an email blast to everyone on your Assessment Roll with either the Survey Monkey link or the link to your webpage in the body of the email.

Sample for First Email Announcement with the Link

Handling Paper Copies:

You will have already decided how to distribute the paper copies of the assessment and the return envelopes.  At first, make only a few copies (unless you know you will have a need for many).

Once again, we encourage you to make it as easy as possible for people to take the assessment on-line.  It is our experience that paper copies frequently contain skipped questions or entire pages.  In addition, without the requirements that are enforced in the on-line version, many folks will misinterpret or not read instructions which often results in answers that cannot be used.