“In leading the search for our next rector, finding Holy Cow! and the Church Assessment Tool was literally an answer to my prayers. Our open-ended listening sessions with church members produced a wide range of wonderful, but highly amorphous input. My greatest concern was that we’d end making very subjective judgment calls – or just plain guessing – in deciding what we needed in our new pastor.  Fortunately, the CAT was a game changer. By combining social science and business analytics with prayerful Christian discernment, the CAT results allowed us to distill and define what our congregation really wanted and needed in the gifts and graces of our next rector. That in turn allowed us to focus our position description on the priorities that will take our church to the next level. The very robust participation of our members in completing the CAT (100 percent of average Sunday attendance) also created a great sense of “buy in” and feeling that they had been heard.” – John M. Lawson, Chairman. Christ Church, Alexandria, VA