Below you will find links to resources and materials that you will using for your CATWALK training.  

A few things to do Before Your Training: 

  • Please read Section 1 of our Manual Introductions before the first day of training.
  • Please just skim a bit of Owl Sight so you are familiar with the content.  You do not need to have read the entire book for this training.
  • Please spend a little time looking around our website so you are familiar with the helpful tips and other tools that we offer.

We look forward to working with you and please do not hesitate to contact us if we can help you in your work or if we can answer any questions. 

Readings for Before the Training:

CATWALK Training Manual Section 1 – Introductions

Owl Sight    Password: HCCOwlS!!

Recording of Sample Interpretation: 

Sample Interpretation

Materials to Bring to the Training (in whatever format you prefer):

Coffee and…

CATWALK Training Manual Section 2- What Makes Up a CAT

CATWALK Training Manual Section 3- Interpretation the Results

CATWALK Training Manual Section 4- Resources for Interpreters

For After Your Training: 

Please register with us as a CAT interpreter

Review the Best Way to Use our Tool :inSight for Regional Associations

Let us know how we can support your work!