Penguins in the Pews:
Climate, Change and Church Growth  
By J. Russell Crabtree

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We are living in an age of the dechurched, people who have walked away from the church but not from faith. In his new book, Penguins in the Pews, J. Russell Crabtree examines why. In his reflection on the Congregation Assessment Tool (CAT) responses of nearly 200,000 persons to a variety of questions, he addresses a number of topics including:

• Why is the distinction between quality and quantity both false and unhelpful?

• What makes the difference between a church that is growing and one that isn’t?

• Why does a church growth “program” seem to work in some churches but not in others?

• What kind of church climate do people need to experience to both join and stay with it over the long term?

• What is church culture and how does it aid or inhibit church growth?

• When does a church need to stop focusing on surviving and shift to leaving a legacy for their community?

“…Russ Crabtree has done it again. Using data collected from over 1,300 churches Crabtree convincingly argues that only when congregational leaders address issues of climate and culture will they be able to grow their church.”                                                                                                           -Rev. Peter Geisendorfer-Lindgren, Senior Pastor, Lord of Life Lutheran

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