March 13, 2020

We find ourselves in a time that most of us have not experienced before. And this time is full of things happening that we don’t have much control over. When this occurs, we tend to experience anxiety and start acting in our own self-interest. 

I am writing this to remind myself and all of us to be aware of that default mode and think about how we can help others in our community. The path to helping others could include not hoarding groceries so other people can also get what they need, social distancing so we don’t make others sick who are more vulnerable to the virus, and making sure we are supporting the groups that take care of our low-income community members. If you have people working in the medical field in your organization or congregation you might want to offer any assistance you can to keep them energized and cared for so they can do the jobs that we so desperately need. Pray for people who make decisions about how our country will deal with this virus and our recovery. 

As a business, we will be doing meetings online and will be here for your assessment needs when you are ready. Today, our business will be donating to WARM (Westerville Area Resource Ministry) to try to be a part of ensuring our low income children and families continue to have meals and other necessities during our state-wide school closure. If your organization can do the same for your local groups who do this important work please do. Let’s work together on making sure we are ALL safe and healthy. 

Until we see you again, please take care of each other. 

Emily Swanson 
Owner and President