March 23, 2021

Hi All: 

As a business, we will resume in person interpretations and consulting on May 1, 2021.

It is our mission to help congregations move towards become vital organizations better serving God. This vitality includes BODY, mind and spirit. I believe it is our duty as a business with our specific mission to pay very close attention to the health of the individuals we are working to serve. While we are looking forward to being back in person the following parameters will be required for any onsite work:

 – Our staff will be vaccinated and immune (2 weeks after final vaccination)   

– Indoor presentations require masks for unvaccinated participants.

– Outdoor presentations will be based on the CDC guidelines at the time of the presentation  

 – Our staff can only stay in hotels or other accommodations not in client’s homes 

 – While we love meeting clients, our team cannot have shared meals with clients unless clients are also vaccinated and immune (2 weeks after final vaccination).

 Thank you helping us all stay safe. I can’t share how grateful we all are to be able to hit the road and see your faces soon.

Please take of each other and stay well, 
Emily Swanson, Owner