We admit our name “Holy Cow! Consulting” is a bit different.  Originally coined by  baseball players in the early 1900s, it gained greater notoriety when Harry Caray used it in his years as a baseball announcer.  The phrase means “wow!” implying that there has just been an amazing event or that eureka moment – which we hope is the experience our clients have when they work with our tools.

That said, we know our name deserves as many cow jokes as our clients can send us.  Over the years, we have had such a fun time with clients who get creative in encouraging their congregations to take the CAT (Congregation Assessment Tool). Here are some of our favorite Cow/CAT ideas:

This cow was placed outside of the church on launch day with a sign saying “Take my survey!” photo 2.JPG


 The sign with this picture said “Get Ready the CAT is coming!” enhanced-buzz-11844-1397060009-22.jpg

These CAT caps were worn by everyone on the planning committee who introduced the CAT to the congregation – Unknown.jpeg


 “The Cow brings us the CAT” was this slogan: enhanced-buzz-8892-1397081147-11.jpg


 Perhaps my all time favorite (though not cow or cat themed), one music director had the children’s choir sing “Are You Ready for a Survey?” to the theme of “Do You want to Build a Snowman” from the movie Frozen. 

So keep sending us your creative ideas! We love cows and cats and working with your congregations.  Let us know how we can help and visit us at www.holycowconsulting.com.

Emily Swanson
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